With an excellent grain elevator infrastructure, easy access to highway and rail transportation options, and close proximity to Pacific Northwest ports, Montana wheat and barley is ready to move. The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee can help grain buyers meet their transportation needs.

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Surface Transportation Board

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USDA Grain Transportation Report

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BNSF Rail Transportation Rates

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Disclaimer: These rates are compiled for the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee by Whiteside and Associates, Transportation and Marketing Consultants, Billings.

Changes can occur without notice in this publication. Information contained herein is retrieved from freight tariffs lawfully published by BNSF and are believed to be complete and accurate at the time of publication. The MWBC is not responsible, however, for errors or omissions and suggests competent advice be sought in the event information contained herein is disputed. Federal law permits confidential contracts that contain rates lower than these.

Actual rates for wheat and barley are published in dollar amount per car in the tariffs. The freight rates here represent a cents per bushel calculation based upon average car loadings (for regular C6 covered hoppers) being experienced at grain loading facilities in Montana (3366 bushels per car for wheat, and 3847 bushels per car for barley, loaded to a maximum weight of 268,000 pounds). These calculations provide reasonable estimates of average loadings per car, but may vary slightly at a particular location, depending upon loading, weight of grain and other factors.

Anyone wishing to obtain a more detailed version of these rates containing the per car rates for large (C6X) cars, or historical information should contact the MWBC office at 406.761.7732.

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Rail Transportation Chart

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Transportation Capacities

Montana Grain Elevator Contact and Location Information

For details about local grain elevators, including contact information and facility and rail capacities, click here to view the interactive Montana Grain Elevators GIS map, or click on the image below.


Grain Elevators in Montana Map

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