Varietal March Madness

Welcome to Varietal March Madness from the Montana Wheat & Barley Committee! Producers were surveyed on grain varieties, and based on planting popularity, we "seeded" the bracket into four conferences: Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat, Durum Wheat, and Barley. Survey results were based on statewide planting popularity to reach a Finest Four, to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Varieties advanced to the Seed Sixteen based on agronomic qualities, specifically 2018 yield data.

Round three brought us the Elite Ate.  Quality was again the advancement factor for this round, with the focus on Milling Yield for hard red spring and hard red winter, Color for durum, and Extract for barley.  

We are down to the Final week of Montana March Madness.  The Final Four will truly be the last Four standing, a champion for each of the four regions.  A hard red winter, hard red spring, durum and barley champion.  We have harvested, tested kernel quality, milling yield, and now the final quality factor will come into play, how do our last contenders measure up? 

Hard Red Winter results are based on Mixograph Absorption (how well the dough holds up during mixing), Hard Red Spring on Mixograph Tolerance (the amount of water that needs to be added during mixing), Durum on Grain Yield, and Barley on Beta-Glucan.  

Wheat and Flour Testing Methods

Final Round