Montana State Grain Lab Video Series

In this video series at the Montana State Grain Lab: It is their mission to guarantee a grade that is exactly proportionate to your purchase. It is all about the details, as a passionate team of certified Federal Grain Inspectors explain all that goes into a grade certificate. 


Video #4: After the lab has inspected the grain A federal grain inspector will inspect your sample. Looking for damages and defects, DHV and mycotoxins. A certificate from the Montana State Grain Lab is a reliable guarantee across the world.



Video #3: A falling number test is often one of the most important factors for a miller and baker. Learn how the state grain lab guarantees consistent, reliable testing.



Video #2: After the sample is collected the grain is brought to Great Falls, where the sample gets initially processed.



Video #1: A look into everything that goes into collecting a sample from a rail car. Guaranteeing a perfect proportionate sample to be graded.



If you need help sourcing wheat and barley ingredients for your business, we would love to help. We will connect you with several options that provide numerous methods of delivery. All our wheat and barley suppliers can conduct negotiations virtually to fit your country or states regulations if needed, otherwise social distancing is not a problem out here =)

-Sam Anderson


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