Crop Progress: Spring Wheat and Durum Planting Advances 25% in Montana.




The weather in the golden triangle has quickly shifted from frost concerns to hail concerns. Almost every day this week we are seeing some sort of thunderstorm threat in the forecast. The mountains create a unique growing atmosphere which is simultaneously a blessing and a curse.

In eastern Montana, the weather has been very warm and fairly dry. This week is a perfect opportunity to finish up planting out east. Due to the high heat and less moisture we see eastern Montana "abnormally dry" which is likely far from abnormal. Once all the seed in the ground it would be great to get some seasonal rains out in the eastern plains.




A lot of progress was made last week in Montana. Barley progress increased 15% now at 79% which is on par with the 5-year average. Durum and Spring Wheat being much of the focus last week for many farmers. We saw Spring Wheat jumping 25% up to 75% planted with the 5-year average being at 77%, Durum moving up 28% to 54% but still being slightly behind average of 67%.

Compared to North Dakota Spring Wheat planting at 41% which is 35% behind the average, Durum being 12% behind the average which is about the same as Montana. I just hope our friendly neighbors are able to get an opportune window to get some more spring wheat in the ground. We will send some good weather your way now if you let the Bobcats win in the playoffs this fall.

Winter Wheat conditions in the treasure state improved as well. With the "Good" rating moving to 61% and "Excellent" to 11%. It’s shocking how quickly Wheat and Barley grow, Spring wheat is already 45% emerged, Barley 49% and Winter Wheat is 8% booted.

Looking forward, the folks in the Golden Triangle will try to finish up planting on a day by day case, trying to squeeze in the last acres in between spring storms. While Eastern Montana or the "Platinum Square" should be close to finishing a week from now. Either way, hope we have a few more good days of seeding conditions.

 If you have any questions on how to source Wheat or Barley from Montana please feel free to reach out to us WBC@MT.GOV, We love to help!


To view the official report from NASS download the attachment below,



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