Crop Progress: Spring Moisture, Welcomed or Scorned?



The early part of last week was warm and dry followed by a little bit of moisture. It was a significant week of planting. Barley making a 29% jump in planting progress getting back to our 5-year average. Spring wheat went from 33% to 50% but still being about a week behind a typical year. Durum is still a bit behind with 26% planted and 47% being the 5-year average. 

This week is looking to be wet the early part of the week. The northwest part of the golden triangle is seeing some snow, while the Great Falls area had some flurries that turned to later rain. Most of this springtime moisture (in moderation) is welcomed weather here as it gives security that what is in the ground will have enough water to get a great standing. While some may "scorn" this early moisture as they have plently from last fall, and planting is looking alot like last year, wet. Frost is not quite a concern yet as we had some warm above average weather for the past 2 weeks. Temperature in the northern regions are in that 32F range but its nothing our Montana specific bred varieties cannot handle. 15% of the spring wheat planted has emerged and 1% of the winter wheat has booted. 

Soil moisture jumped up a bit from the late week moisture. If we are able to hold such a high adequate moisture content it could be a welcomed high-test weight year but is still too early to tell.

This photo was taken just east of Valier, as i didnt see much emergance but many markings of seeding being done just days ago. Some farmers are deciding to burn down old stubble to help control pests and make planting a little easier, this practice is selected by some but has its own advantages and challenges. 

With the temperature and weather looking fair from about Thursday to next Monday I foresee at about 2-4 days of planting capabilities this week depending on the area. We should be able to continue to get caught up and get the seed in the ground. Being slightly behind our 5-year average is about normal for the rest of the northern plains. As North and South Dakota has seen some springtime snow and moisture setbacks, we are all a little bit behind.  To view the full NASS report download the attachment below or Click Here




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