Crop Progress, Can a Snowmobile Pull an Airseeder?

According to NASS: Cold temperatures and snowy conditions were observed across Montana during the past week, according to the Mountain Regional Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA. Reporters in Judith Basin, Phillips and Valley counties stated several inches of much needed moisture was received last week, with more in the forecast. Topsoil moisture conditions for the state were 35 percent adequate to surplus, compared to 23 percent in the previous week, and 97 percent the previous year. Subsoil moisture conditions were rated 32 percent adequate to surplus compared to 93 percent the previous year. Corn for grain harvest progressed slightly, with an estimated 38 percent of the crop harvested, falling behind the 5-year average at 44 percent, but ahead of the previous year at 18 percent. Safflower harvest is estimated at 85 percent complete, ahead of the previous year and 5- year average at 57 percent and 69 percent, respectively. Sugarbeet harvest progressed well last week, with an estimated 61 percent of the crop harvested, ahead of the previous year at 33 percent and the 5-year average of 59 percent. Planting of the 2021 winter wheat crop continues to progress behind the average, with an estimated 88 percent of the crop planted, ahead of the previous year at 85 percent, but behind the 5-year average of 91 percent. Emergence of the 2021 winter wheat crop advanced last week, with an estimated 65 percent of the crop emerged, ahead of the previous year at 52 percent, but behind the 5-year average of 71 percent. An estimated 61 percent of cattle and calves and 63 percent of sheep and lambs have been moved from pasture, both progressing behind the average. Record breaking cold temperatures and snowy conditions this past week reduced grazing, causing producers to provide supplemental feed ahead of normal. An estimated 48 percent of cattle and 47 percent of sheep are receiving supplemental feed, ahead of the 5-year averages of 20 percent and 18 percent, respectively.




In the past 9 days Great Falls has received 27.7 inchers (70.3 CM) of snow. Breaking a 95-year-old record. Last week I called this a delay, I take that back! Producers who got this amount of snowfall on unplanted ground will have a real challenge getting back out to plant. Looking at snowfall totals across the state there is still potential opportunities in the areas with only 4-8 inches received. The next week and a half Havre will have above freezing temperatures so there could be an opportune window to plant in a week.

A Kansas wheat seeding study determined planting dates from October to January 1 still held 50%-100% yields. The key factor is vernalization the plant still needs 45+ days of temperatures below 50F. Increase your seeding rate and plant at a normal depth


Being 88% planted really depends on the base number estimated. We are at the same level as last year BUT I believe producers intended to plant more winter wheat. So, we potentially could be higher acres than last year already.


The local ski hill looks like a typical january day but its not even halloween yet! These lower than average temps really make your bones hurt when you go from 80F to 0F in 3 weeks. 


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