Crop Progress, Bumper Crop Coming?


Durum wheat is still slightly behind at 95% planted. Eastern Montana seems to finish up durum planting last. Its very possible that the NASS reporting has a slight lag between what is happening versus the numbers reported. The surveying process is no easy feat and we are very thankful for their efforts!

Barley is a few points above average in emergence at 97% and booted 15%. Durum being at 50% emergence and the 5-year average at 81%. Although if the weather conditions for durum continue the crop should fare well. Its very possible we could see some price changes as durum is flat priced commodity. Winter and spring wheat progress is looking great, spring wheat at 10% booted and 1 % headed, winter wheat is 28% headed.






Looking at soil moisture is evident that the rain last week was added. There is about 10% more adequate moisture in the top and subsoil then this same time last year. About 20% more adequate moisture than the 5-year average. The last few days have been raining as well. This is yet to be a concern, but high moisture levels can often mean fungi or disease pressure. There has been some word that wheat steak mosiac virus is evident this year. Its very likely due to these moisture events we will likely see high test weights. The wheat head in the picture was just barely starting to fill the kernel. If we see a couple of hot dry weeks before harvest, the winter wheat could be a bumper WITH solid Montana protein.


We are continuing to see a shift from good to excellent each week. Most of the percentage of wheat and barley being good to excellent versus last year at the same time there was about 10% considered fair.

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-Sam Anderson


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