Harvest Update

August 26,2019

20% chance of rain forecasted today. Come on!
Malting barley is looking great.

Montana….more like #MALTana

Power: Dryland M165 Malting Barley is looking very nice

Sweetgrass: “Barley is better than anticipated” =)

Great Falls: Just finished winter wheat. Good quality malting barley will make spec

Dutton: Just finishing up HRW. Should be done today, will start on some peas in 8 days.

Harvest Update

August 23, 2019

Harvest getting delayed due to rain throughout Wednesday night =(

Collins: 3/10ths of rain Wednesday night. 11.5-12 Protein

Conrad: Rain Rain Rain. Hoping for some dry sunny days

Cut Bank: Wet, A lot of HRW is still in the ground. Some trucks getting rejected due to 14% Plus moisture

Sweet Grass: HRW lower protein issues. seasonably dry this year unlike the rest of Montana, Barley is getting cut before HRW!

Sam Anderson

Harvest Update

August 20, 2019

Kershaw: 11.5 to 12 pro average. BIG yields

Geraldine: “the barley here looks really good”

Denton: 11-13 protein.

Moccasin: 11.5 pro average, some bleaching in the spring wheat which is just getting started

Moore: SW and malting barley looks “burnt” it was a little too hot in July in that area. 11.5 pro average HRW

Sam Anderson

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