July 2020 USDA Crop Production Report

With harvest underway here is what the USDA projects Montana’s production levels:

Winter Wheat:

·       71.05 million bushels (25% below last year)

·       49 BU/AC

Durum Wheat:

·       20.06 million bushels (9% below last year)

·       34 BU/AC

Spring Wheat

·       108.3 million bushels (up 6% from last year)

·       38 BU/AC


·       50.22 million bushels (up 15% from last year)

·       62 BU/AC


A look at Montana's Actual Yields the last 30 years

With many moisture events, cool evenings, and moderately warm days I expect these numbers to be conservative. We will see great test weights this harvest due to adequate moisture. The real shocker is durum, with acres slightly up but anticipated yield 9 BU/AC below last year. It seemed the durum crop was a little late to get into the ground which could account for the loss. It has also been drier in the north east. Overall, the projections are positive, given last fall’s poor planting conditions. Most of the crops are looking EXCELLENT!


-Sam Anderson


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