Crop Progress, Reap What You Sow

Harvest is slightly behind across the board. The current weather conditions warrant long days on the combine to get the crop in the bin. Our producers will work the long hours to reap the rewards of a high-quality grain. Harvest symbolizes so many positive virtues in life. My favorite being “You reap what you sow”, the efforts you put into the crops now often directly affect what your result is, which can translate to so many different things in our lives. Often families reunite to help, children travel home, friends lend a hand and the community celebrates these efforts. MWBC hopes your harvest is wholesome and safe.

Crop Progress, Golden Bobcat

In honor of MSU’s field days I was able to taste test the “Golden Bobcat”. Which I highly recommend. The amazing thing about this beer is all the ingredients came from a 28 mile radius of the brewery. Congrats on 125 years MSU! Our good friend Dave Tweet is a big University of Montana Grizzly fan and he told me to "pour that into a glass and crush the can". So i am posting this in honor of Dave =)

Crop Progress, Winter Wheat WOW!


Excitingly from this week’s data we see winter wheat jump to a staggering excellent rating of 45%, the 5-year average being 26% and last year 22%. This year winter wheat acres projected to be down 20%, is it possible that Montana’s production levels wont change with the current outlook? The progress of the crop is at par with the previous years at 84% booted and slightly higher 55% head