Crop Progress, Durum 90% Harvested, Last year...43%

Looking at our harvest progress it is shocking how behind we were last year. This time last year, spring wheat was at 67%, now this year 92% above the 88% 5-year average. Durum which was hit very heavy last year with pre harvest sprout is now 90% harvested, last year 43%. Aside from grasshoppers and wireworms this harvest has been above average. We are very thankful for cooperating weather patterns and the hard-working producers in the treasure state. With harvest close to an end we can put 2020 behind us, as we plant next years crop which could only be a brighter future.

Crop Progress, Changing Season Ignorance

Canadian winds brought much cooler temps the last week. The morning dew/moisture on the crops have delayed combining till afternoons into the night. It was 60 F/15 C degrees in my house this morning unlike the normal 85 F/29 C I have gotten used to. Changing of the seasons brings significant milestones I try to refrain well past the norm. Shutting the windows in your house, wearing a jacket, turning on the heat in house/car and craving hibernation foods (soup and scotch ale). If everyone could refrain from doing these things, we can pretend it is still summer.

Crop Progress, Hazy Harvest Week

A few scattered showers across Montana kept our moisture conditions like last week. Some harvest delays were observed yet we still are above last years harvest rate. Overall, it is still hot and dry for the next week. We will see a temperature drop next week; producers will be looking to put in long days to get as much in the bin as possible. 

Everything Grasshoppers

MSU Ag Alert: Grasshoppers are abundant this year and have been a concern in winter wheat. Below is basic information on grasshoppers. Management recommendations for winter wheat are at the bottom of the page.

Crop Progress, Hot and Dry

Above average temperatures and minimal moisture were observed across Montana during the past week, according to the Mountain Regional Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA. Reporters in Golden Valley, Musselshell and Sweet Grass counties reported the dry weather and grasshopper infestation continues to take a toll on crops and pasture.

Record Yield’s Now Projected in the Treasure State

Winter wheat is projected to have a record yield at 52 bu/ac! 2 bu/ac higher than the previous 50 bu/ac in 2018-2019.


Hold on! Barley is now projected to be at 65 bu/ac, beating out the previous record of 62 bu/ac in 2010!


WAIT there is more! The projected yield for spring wheat would also be a record yield! At 40 bu/ac would beat the previous record of 38 bu/ac in 2010!


Nationwide All wheat production is now forecast at 4% below last year. Winter wheat is down 8%, durum up 15%, spring wheat up 3% and barley up 4%.