3/31/20 Planting update, Spring is here!

3/31/20 Planting update, Spring is here!










Spring is here! I took a few photos just east of Great Falls today it was 57 F and breezy. Some of the Winter wheat is looking great, Some is wind blown and will likely need to be replanted. Overall soil moisture is looking good, we will see planters in the fields very soon. It’s important to see life in these uncertain times, most farmers are optimistic about this growing season.  Here are a few comments from farmers throughout Montana:


Northeast MT (Scobey Area):

Hopes to be out in the field by late April. Will be seeding Alzada durum anticipating 2500 acres of durum and 3500 of spring wheat. That could change in the next month with prices.

Field moisture is good, further south could get dry with lack of snow cover and a dry spring but overall decent. 


Northcentral MT (Turner Area)

2-3 weeks out from planting. Moisture is good. Lots of potholes on the roads and water runoff. Still have snow in the ditches and yards. Not much wind anymore.

Golden Triangle (Conrad Area)

In the next 10 days will be out in the field. Planning on planting some Spring wheat SY-Tyra and some York flax. Good Soil moisture.


If you’re interested in giving us an update of how things are going this spring on your farm we would love to hear from you! Email us at: wbc@mt.gov


Tell us what varieties your planting, how your soil moisture looks and how you’re feeling about this 2020 growing season.