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For additional price information, refer to the Wheat Basis & Price Forecasting Tool, the product of a collaborative effort among economists at Montana State University and Kansas State University.

Montana State University Historical Wheat Basis Data

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For additional information regarding the recently developed historical wheat basis tool, check out Ag Econ MT.

Industry News

Crop Progress, Durum 90% Harvested, Last year...43%

Looking at our harvest progress it is shocking how behind we were last year. This time last year, spring wheat was at 67%, now this year 92% above the 88% 5-year average. Durum which was hit very heavy last year with pre harvest sprout is now 90% harvested, last year 43%. Aside from grasshoppers and wireworms this harvest has been above average. We are very thankful for cooperating weather patterns and the hard-working producers in the treasure state. With harvest close to an end we can put 2020 behind us, as we plant next years crop which could only be a brighter future.