Presentations & Press Releases

Crop Progress, Snow Day Delay

Over the weekend Great Falls received record October snowfall totaling around 35 CM. Temperatures dropped significantly hovering around the freezing point. How this will affect winter wheat planting is still yet to be known. If temperatures continue below freezing and snowfall continues in winter wheat growing regions, issues may arise. Looking into early November an opportune window to plant is possible.

Crop Progress, Winter Wheat Planting 9% Behind Average

Rain and snow are now in the forecast. It can often dissipate in the dry prairies; it looks like rain is coming but nothing falls. These photos of dark clouds in the horizon did not amount to much of any rainfall. Producers are hoping for some moisture. Currently at 66% planted I see many are waiting a little until we get some of the projected moisture. We are 9% below the 5 year average but slight above last years woes.

Critically Essential: The Movement of Grain in the Treasure State

Typically, this time of year at the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (MWBC), we would be planning for the many international visitors that come to scout Montana fields each summer, tour our elevators, and learn more about the quality we have to offer in our small grains. However, these activities have been pushed back to later in the year due to the travel ban. In the meantime.....