The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee: Putting your checkoff dollars to work.

Established in 1967, the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee promotes research, marketing and education for the benefit of Big Sky producers living, working and growing here in the Last Best Place.

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               Montana Wheat And Barley Spring Board Meeting                                  MWBC Sponsorships open

                                                Virtual                                                                                   January 5-20, 2021    

                                 Please email tsuek@mt.gov for an invite.                                                     https://wbc.agr.mt.gov/About-MWBC/Grants          

                                    March 3, 2021 8 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.                                                       

                                                Agenda Coming Soon                                                                               


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Critically Essential: The Movement of Grain in the Treasure State

Typically, this time of year at the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (MWBC), we would be planning for the many international visitors that come to scout Montana fields each summer, tour our elevators, and learn more about the quality we have to offer in our small grains. However, these activities have been pushed back to later in the year due to the travel ban. In the meantime.....

Crop Progress, Tight Planting Window Available

The snow melted, moisture conditions improved, and planting progress advanced. The state is now 94% planted based on last years acreage. The first week of November has shown to be fair planting conditions. Snow and rain are expected this weekend. I anticipate in the next couple days winter wheat planting will end. The next question is how will we compare to last years acreage? MWBC anticipates Montana’s acreage to be like last year if not slightly higher. Producers are motivated to get more acres in especially from the recent rallies.

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  • Checkoff dollars at work
    The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee is the checkoff organization for wheat and barley growers in the state, funded and directed by Montana producers.
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