Winter wheat in Liberty County, Montana.
Montana ranks first nationally in the production of certified organic wheat, and third in the production of all wheat and barley.

Montana's long, hot summers and cold winters help keep pests and disease to a minimum, and allow for excellent storage opportunities. The state is also unique in its ability to grow five different classes of wheat: hard red winter, hard red spring, hard white, soft white and durum. Montana's barley is grown for food, feed, and malt, with maltsters around the world showing appreciation for the excellent quality of the state's two row barley.


Promoting Montana wheat and barley overseas, the Wheat and Barley Committee helps foreign buyers source and utilize the grain they need. In cooperation with the Montana State University Cereal Quality Laboratory, the Wheat Marketing Center, Northern Crops Institute, and Plains Grains Inc., the Committee demonstrates the unique quality and advantages of Montana's grains to international markets.

Use the tabs below to view and download Montana grain quality and production reports (PDF format). For up-to-date crop information, refer to the weekly Montana Crop Progress Bulletin from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).